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November 13, 2017

Throughout the years, we have all had someone to look after us at school. We may not see them, but  the administrators and principals work every day to keep us safe. 

At North Augusta High School, we have John Murphy as our head principal. Mr. Murphy has been working at North Augusta High School for 7 years. Four years prior to becoming the principle of North Augusta High School, he worked as principal at Paul Knox Middle School, and one year prior to that, he ran Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary and Middle School. Besides being a principle, he had experience as a football coach and science teacher at Aiken High School and a football and baseball coach and Strom Thurmond High School. 

Below John Murphy, are assistant principals Sheldon Higgenbottom, John Bradley, Paige Day, and Celia White-Rhines. 

Celia White-Rhines is not only a new principal at North Augusta this year, but is also new to being a principal in general. 

Paige Day handles all senior discipline, and has worked for North Augusta High School for sixteen years. 

“I predominantly handle issues with seniors, but I’m happy to help any student who is in need of assistance.”, offered Paige Day. 

Mr. Bradley handles all cases of students with last names A through J. He is also responsible for distributing textbooks. 

Mr. Higgenbottom handles cases of students with last names K through Z. Mr. Higgenbottom also deals with lockers. This is his fourth year at North Augusta High School. 

The assistant principals gave insight to overall student performance, and school-wide advancement. 

“We are a large comprehensive high school which means that we can offer programs and opportunities that other institutions cannot. The best thing about our school is the student body. The students at North Augusta are involved and make the school their own.” Ms. Day continued, “North Augusta High School currently has 1550 students at our school and this is the highest it’s been in years.” 

Mr. Higgenbottom says “One of the best changes at North Augusta is the AP program, we offer more AP opportunities than any other school in the state.” These administrators have all worked hard at NAHS and we should appreciate them more! 

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