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Best and Brightest of North Augusta High School Compete at the Miss North Augusta High School Beauty Pageant

November 6, 2017

The winners of the Miss North Augusta Pageant pose for a celebratory picture.

The winners of the Miss North Augusta Pageant pose for a celebratory picture.

Aaliyah Martin

Aaliyah Martin

The winners of the Miss North Augusta Pageant pose for a celebratory picture.

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, the  Miss North Augusta High School Pageant was held in the North Augusta High Auditorium. Though not every lady could win, each participant was positive about the experience, and celebrated with their victorious peers.  

Many seniors, such as Kinsey Amos, Sarah Wilson, Mallory Huff, Parker Blackburn, Lexie Bennet, and Maddie Carter, had melancholy farewells on stage as they acknowledged that this was the last time they would be eligible to walk the stage at Miss NASH. 

A number of the participants in the pageant expressed anxiety about being displayed on stage to the public. Maddie Carter, Hannah Noonan, and Lauren Johnson provided insight on how to overcome stage anxiety. 

“I have actually done pageants since my freshman year, so I am kind of used to the feel of how everything works,” explained Maddie Carter, the recipient of the Miss Senior award. “My nerves are more calm this year than they were freshman year.”  

“I overcome being nervous on stage by thinking about the outcome if I was to win. I also tried to pretend like it was just me out there practicing,” stated Hannah Noonan, a sophomore participant. 

“Overcoming stage fright was a hard thing to do but knowing I had so many caring family members and friends watching me, it was very helpful and I’m just glad to know I have them there to support me.” said Lauren Johnson. 

Students who participated in the Junior category included Dayjah Young, Makayla Markwalter, Shelby Rucker, Abby Thornton, Justice Becnel, Reagan Hargrove, and Taylor Adams. Among these young women, many felt that the purpose of the pageant was not just winning in their divisions, but becoming a role model for the student body. The girls feel that winning is more than just a crown, but that it is a responsibility.

Taylor Adams, winner of the Miss Junior award, commented, “Winning is a huge accomplishment to me. I get to be a role model for all younger people doing Miss NASH and for other people in the community.”  

In the sophomore class, participants included A’mia Hill, Hailey Sparks, Grayson Johnston, Maddie Matthews, Hannah Noonan, and Kamora Johnson, with Johnson being the overall Miss Sophomore winner.  

In the Freshman class, Lauren Johnson took the crown. Students competing alongside her included Kennedi Sparks, Shae Smith, and Shelby Enevoldson. 

“It feels good to be able to represent such an amazing school and I’m very blessed to have this opportunity,” said Lauren Johnson. 

Though not all participants of the pageant could win a crown, many of them did enjoy their experience and recall categories that they thoroughly enjoyed.  

Shae Smith, First Runner Up in the Freshman class, claimed, “My favorite part was probably making new friends, and going on stage. Miss NASH should always continue on in the following years, so North Augusta High School has an ongoing tradition.” 

Hannah Noonan commented, “My favorite part about Miss NASH was getting the opportunity to make new friends and experience new opportunities. It feels really good to win because I worked really hard to raise as much as I did and I felt very honored to win.”  

Multiple other awards were presented at the pageant also. One of the many was the Miss Sweetheart award, a title awarded to whoever raises the most money for PTO, was presented to Hannah Noonan.  However, the ultimate title of  Miss North Augusta High School was awarded to senior, Sarah Wilson. With an excited smile, Wilson took the crown, completing the ceremony.   

“Miss NASH has been around for generations. My mom competed in Miss NASH when she went to school here and I feel like it’s a special part of so many North Augusta families’ hearts!” exclaimed Sarah. “I went into Miss NASH this year with absolutely no expectations of wining, and so I was honestly so shocked when I heard them call my name. I immediately felt so humbled, grateful, and loved… and then embarrassed because the crown fell off my head!” 

Sarah also commented, “I was absolutely terrified of competing. This first pageant experience started a journey for me of overcoming my insecurities and finding my confidence. This year I was able to go into Miss NASH with a mindset of embracing beauty rather than trying to prove it. I rested in the face that we are all God’s original masterpieces that he values more than anything, so it really didn’t matter to me what any of the judges had to say.” 


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