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Cliques & Cliches: “Dumb Blondes”

September 29, 2017

Bentley Brown: Senior

Bentley Brown: Senior

Bentley Brown: Senior

Hello Yellow Jackets, and welcome to a third semester in the epitome of life’s hellish places: High school. It’s a new semester, and you know what that means: New rivalries, new short-lived high school romances, but most importantly, the rebirth of the high school stereotypes.

No movie, set in a high school setting, hesitates even slightly to exploit all of the locker slamming, rumor spreading, jaw dropping stereotypes. What is high school without them? So I’m here to expose the lines between the movies and reality… one cliche at a time.

They say the roles of beauty and brains cannot be played by the same character, but North Augusta High School seems to prove otherwise. Unlike in all of the trashy high school hierarchy promoting movies, the dumb blondes here aren’t so dumb at all. In fact, you’re more likely to find them in the highest classes offered. And just to prove how true it is, we interviewed one of our own pretty blondes.

Bentley Brown: Senior, age 18. Under a head of 100% natural blonde, a dumb blonde is nowhere to be found. “I see myself as the most sarcastic person ever, but I’m also pretty athletic, smart, and I stay out of the drama,” she says. She claims not only to be in the higher classes North Augusta offers, but she is a member of both the Beta Club, and the National Honors Society which will help her achieve her dream of becoming a pediatric nurse. She is also physically motivated through Varsity Softball, and her regular visits to the gym. Bentley does no less than stellar at all of the above, to the point that she has received multiple awards including the Defensive Player of the Year Award, The People’s Choice Award, and even had the honor of being in the Homecoming Court.

“Spurs up! Go Cocks,” Bentley chants when asked what college she would like to attend this fall. It is no doubt that she plans on attending the University of South Carolina Columbia,  and will be majoring in nursing. When finished with college, she hopes to settle down in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Not only is our school’s blonde haired beauty intellectually gifted, unlike the average “dumb blondes” in the movies, but Bentley is also active in the community! “I’ve volunteered at ‘La Casa de Esperanza many times on my free Saturdays (doing crafts and tutoring Hispanic children), helped work at  girls softball camps each summer, and volunteered at the Doctor’s Hospital.” Even her morals, which consist of putting family first and bettering yourself, are pure.

So hows that for a “dumb blonde?” Seems like the only thing dumb is the stereotype itself. Instead of having an ego the size of Mount Rushmore and taking the easy way out, Bentley Brown has pushed her way to success. So instead of judging the average blonde, maybe you should be taking notes. And that’s just one cliche down. Stay tuned to see what comes next.

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