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Football Game or Fight Fest?

October 20, 2017

Friday, October 20, the Yellow Jackets maintained a perfect record after beating South Aiken. After the game, several altercations took place on the football field. North Augusta Yellow Jackets and South Aiken began fighting on the field. While Principal John Murphy didn’t release a comment on the fight, he still thinks our kids played a great game, and is very proud of their win. Players however, had mixed opinions on the fight and who was to blame. Football Player Carlton Hall says ” I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to do something so I went to get Jules Williams away from the brawl and attempted to calm him down.” Carlton also said, ” I think the punishment should have been slightly harsher on South Aiken boys simply because they started the altercation and caused the Yellow Jackets (which we never get involved in things like this) to reach to that point.” Tez Collins was also spoke and gave his opinion on how he thinks the JV players will do playing varsity for the first time against Midland Valley in replace of the boys that are suspended because of the incident. Tez responded, ” I feel as if our JV players are good enough to play at varsity level because we battle against each other in practice every day and they give it their all to help us get better. They all will handle Friday night lights well this game. Quarter Back Landon Washington says, ” they will act like it’s a JV game with more players and just play their normal game.” While so many rumors and things being said about what took place on the night the altercation occurred, the yellow jackets still remain positive. Many changes have been made about how North Augusta will be moving forwards going against other schools, Cheerleaders will not be able to go on the field after games anymore, they must report straight to bus lot after games. When asked about how they felt on that, Cheerleader, Charity Taylor responds, ” I’m very upset about that change being made because a lot of our cheer sisters have family on the field after the games that they would like to see and we enjoy running on the field and congratulating our boys on their win”.  Yellow Jackets still goes undefeated as they get ready to go against Midland Valley High School this Friday. 

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