North Augusta High School Celebrated Valentine’s Day

March 28, 2018

North Augusta High School celebrated Valentine’s Day in many ways. 

On February 15th, 2018, North Augusta High School’s Baby Yearbook class held the Valentine’s Day Dance in the new main building’s courtyard. Tickets were sold for seven dollars apiece, and profits were donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Augusta, Georgia.  

“We chose this charity because they help so many critically sick children and their families,” said Dawn Anderson. 

At the Valentine’s Day Dance, cupcakes and waters were served to students for free, while music was provided by the same DJ who played the North Augusta High School Homecoming Dance.  

Many students expressed their opinions on the dance.  

“The dance was lit,” said Ryan Franklin. “I like the music choices they had, and I think the dance was a success.” 

Walker Seymour said, “The music choices at the dance were okay, and it was successful, because we raised over 1,000 dollars for the Ronald McDonald House.” 

The Baby Yearbook class decided that they will host a 2019 Valentine’s Day Dance again next year, and discussed what changes they would like to make.  

“I would like to host the dance next year, and I would change nothing,” said Grayson Johnston. 

“I would change the music,” said Ansley Barbee. 

Rebecca O’Neal stated, “Being outside is what I would change.” 

“I would change the lighting,” stated Hannah Newman. 

While the Valentine’s Day Dance celebrated Valentine’s Day, many students had reason not to participate in the festivities. 

“I don’t really celebrate it. I never really had a date or anything,” said Hannah Robinson. “I don’t really have a reason not to celebrate it. I think it’s fine.” 

Saylor said, “I didn’t celebrate the holiday, because I had practice, and I had planned a dinner for the holiday.” 

However, people who did celebrate Valentine’s Day had strong reasoning as to why, also.  

Caroline O’Neal said, “I celebrate Valentine’s Day, because it’s a fun holiday to show love towards your loved ones, and I do not see a reason not to celebrate it.” 

“It is a good time to do something special, and I planned to go on a date,” said Katherine Dunaway.  

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