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Advanced Placement Classes Have Taken North Augusta High School By Controversy

March 19, 2018

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It is not about A’s; it is not about grades. It is about learning and being prepared.”

John Murphy, the principal of North Augusta High School, has announced on multiple occasions that North Augusta High School has transitioned into an Advanced Placement magnet school. However, not all students are aware of what that means.

“This means we have instructional focus on the Advanced Placement classes,” stated Murphy.

Murphy does not plan to eradicate honor classes, but instead plans to encourage the North Augusta High School to offer more Advanced Placement classes. These new classes include, but are not limited to, Advanced Placement Music Theory, Advanced Placement Physics, and Advanced Placement Research.

North Augusta High School’s transition into an Advanced Placement High School has developed controversy. Even teachers have taken stances on issues such as whether or not Advanced Placement classes are given more recognition for their work.

Christopher Emerling and James Gill both agree that Advanced Placement classes, and students, deserve more recognition.

“I think Advanced Placement classes should get more recognition,” Gill said. “Advanced Placement classes are important, and I feel like more students should take it.”

However, many students disagree.

“It is good that Advanced Placement classes get attention, because they are difficult,” said Rebeccah Ogbuefi. “However, students in Honors and College Preparatory classes deserve to be praised for their work as well. They should not be pushed aside or seen as irrelevant.”

Advanced Placement classes may be perceived as challenging, and many students feel forced to them.

“I think Advanced Placement classes are good and challenging,” stated Ogbuefi. “However, many students are pushed into Advanced Placement classes who are not prepared for the work. This results in many students getting poor grades.”

“I think everyone can pass Advanced Placement courses. Now the exam, I don’t know. But students need the exposure to higher level courses if they plan on going to a four-year college,” commented Gill.

“I think the benefit has been to the middle kid (Honor kids) who are pushed to be in Advanced Placement classes. It is important for them to be pushed more,” said Emerling.

“You have to find some way to motivate students who can do better,” Gill stated.

“It is very stressful, but time management is the key, “Avery House, a freshman, said. “I try not to procrastinate too much, and my classmates tend to help each other. I just make a ton of quizlets.”

Hannah Waterman, also a freshman, agrees with House.

“Time management is the key. Putting too much or too little time into things, in general, can completely throw you off,” contributed Waterman.

The reason most students take Advanced Placement classes is because they want college credit, but Advanced Placement classes are very different in comparison to Honor classes.

Waterman said, “Advanced Placement classes are structured completely different. Lessons are… faster and more in depth.”

“Honor classes and Advanced Placement classes are galaxies apart. There is no comparison. Honors is not Advanced Placement-not even close,” commented Gill.

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