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The New Freshman/Activity Building Opens To North Augusta High School Students & Faculty

November 13, 2017

Has your curiosity been spiking since the opening of the new building doors? Well in this case, curiosity does not kill the cat.

North Augusta High School Principal, John Murphy, proudly opened the new freshman and activity building on Monday, November 7, 2017. He feels that the construction of the building is going really great and that the students will adjust to the building and love it.

“Entities moved includes the freshmen academy, JROTC, art, culinary arts, engineering design, robotics, guidance, and administration.” Murphy stated.

Before entering the lobby, visitors are greeted by new security measures and locked doors protecting students from outside facilities. In the front lobby of the building is the large, printed North Augusta High School logo, and a lounge for guests. Also in the lobby area, is a hall of fame.

After passing the lobby, guests approach the main office where the guidance counselors, administration staff, and the principal’s office are located. Once leaving the new main office, guests walk into a college-style environment giving the college appeal of a higher education to students.

Also on the base floor, the new cafeteria is full of the most modern tables and chairs a school can have, and new canteen rooms and lunch lines that make lunch run smoother. The new kitchens have state of the art appliances for top notch food.

“There will also be a Jackets’ Nest School Store. This is a  a school store for Beta Club and National Honor Society students to earn credits by working. All products are provided by the Yellow Jacket Surplus, and will  include items such as book bags, school materials, and North Augusta High School merchandise,”  said John Murphy.

On the second floor there are classrooms, conference rooms, waiting areas, and a library. Classes in the new building will include predominantly freshmen classrooms.

“The teachers who are sharing rooms, get the rooms that the freshmen left from.” Murphy continued, “Students now come down Jacket Lane to get to the cafeteria in the morning.”

Some of the electives such as art, robotics, culinary arts, JROTC, engineering  now have new modernized rooms as well. The art room has desks with storage that are locked with keys, the culinary arts class now have bakery areas for the students to display and sell baked goods, the JROTC now has a students’ dressing room, armory room, and office desk, and the robotics room has a large wooden work space with tall chairs and a solid wood surface to work on.

According to Murphy, all classrooms have surround sound and smart projectors. The building has automatic sensors, plumbing, ramps, elevators for those who are disabled, and connector hallways so students will not have to walk in the rocky paths.

The student body of North Augusta High School has a lot to be prideful of, and much more to come.


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