National Arts Honor Society Provides Members Many Benefits

April 12, 2018

The National Arts Honor Society is a group of artists of North Augusta High School Students. This talented group of individuals contributes to the school by creating a home coming banner, participating in the Special Olympics, the Veterans’ Day Program, and by hosting sidewalk Art twice a year.

The National Arts Honor Society members are very diverse and have several different reasons for joining.

“I joined the National Arts Honor Society to meet others and do fun art projects,” said Riley Robinson.

Autumn Smith said, “I joined the National Arts Honor Society to have something to do after school.”

Amber Schumacher said, “It is a great opportunity to find a career in art.”

Many participate in extracurricular events that were held this year by the National Arts Honor Society.

“My favorite event I’ve participated in so far is walking in the little parade before the homecoming game,” said Amber Schumacher.

Kristin Beach said, “My favorite events have been Sidewalk Art and the Christmas parade.”

“My favorite event I have participated in so far are the North Augusta Christmas Parade, the walking of the homecoming banner, and the Black History Month Project,” said Jaelyn Locklear.

The National Arts Honor Society is a great way to socialize with others who share a common interest in art.

“I have met a few people that I feel are going to be in my life forever,” said Locklear, a Junior member.

“I have been in art club for three years now, and I have made friends in past years that I am close to now as well as new friends this year that I hope to stay close with,”said Emma Lindsey.

The National Arts Honor Society is an outlet for students who aspire to be artists in the future.

Schumacher said, “I think this club can help future artists get noticed because they offer many opportunities like charity events and contests.”

“National Arts Honor Society is an excellent way to learn about how you can expand as an artist by getting involved with the community, informing students about potential careers in the art industry, and participating in several competitions,” said Emma Lindsey.

There have been extraordinary creations that have come to life from the students participating in the Society. Almost every member had a favorite project that they had worked on in the past.

“My favorite art project this year was the homecoming banner,” said Riley Robinson.

“My favorite project was the Michael Jackson poster for Black History Month,” said Autumn Smith.

“My favorite project this year was the homecoming banner,” said Amber Schumacher. “It was my first large-scale project and art club project, so it means a lot to me.”

Several young artists hope to pursue a career with their friends and family by their side, cheering them along. Having someone to look up to is a great way to get motivated to achieve their artistic goals.

“Someday I hope to be an art therapist, and as I was researching potential colleges with the best art programs, my art teacher helped me find the schools with the programs I’m interested in,” said Emma Lindsey. “Rood and Polvadore have always been encouraging and supportive.”

Amber Schumacher said, “My family, friends, and some of my teachers are supporters of me pursuing a career in art. This club helps my art skills because it challenges you to try new mediums and collaborate with many ideas. The National Arts Honor Society has expanded my opportunity of getting into college and majoring in art.”

So far this year, there have been several people who have joined this society. It is great for making friends, practicing art skills, and getting to learn more about art in all. Whether you’re looking forward to a career in the future, or just to admire art, the National Arts Honor Society is a great way to express your appreciation for art.

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