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The Jacket Regiment Marching Band Places at the Annual State Competition

November 13, 2017

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, The Jacket Regiment marching band traveled to Spring Valley High School to compete against the top ranked high school marching bands of South Carolina. This competition is known as “state.” The Jacket Regiment performed their marching show, “Imaginarium,” for on-field-judges and in-stand-judges, both of which critiqued their performance, and placed ninth of sixteen overall.  

Some band members, and parents have had disagreements over what score they thought they deserved.   

The two drum majors, Frederick Rowell (sophomore), and Ana Grace Owens (sophomore), were very proud of their band’s performance.   

Rowell admitted, “We performed well, but we didn’t get the results that we would have liked.”  

“I think we did well. It was a really good run. Of course, I was hoping for a higher placement, but I’m happy with ninth place.” Ana Grace Owens stated.   

“I think the placement was really good. We were within two points of four or five bands so that’s pretty solid.” Tyler Chapman, freshman baritone player, continued, “The show was definitely why we did so well, everyone liked the show.”   

Other members of the Jacket Regiment believe their placement was biased and unfair. 

Emma Leopard, freshman percussion member, commented, “We could have always done better, but on the low, we got robbed.”   

Many individuals who actively supported the band thought that the Jacket Regiment should have gotten a higher placement.    

“I think that the Jacket Regiment had the best competition season in a long time.” Abigail Elvira North Augusta Jacket Regiment alumni stated, “I believe that they should have gotten a higher placement. Some of the bands that placed higher than them did not perform as well as them.”  

Chuck Deen, the North Augusta High School band director, was highly pleased with the bands performance.

“I think that the best performance that Jacket Regiment has ever had was this year at state,” explained the director. “There were many great bands there, and we all had a close score, so I am happy with the placement.”

“I felt really good and excited because when we walked off the field we all had smiles on our faces. I did feel a little sad because I had to say goodbye to all the seniors that have been there since eighth grade year. This year’s band is definitely  has more discipline and we as kids have more ownership in the band. This year we have a family mentality where we march together in practice and hang outside of practices. This year the freshman are probably the best freshman class we’ve had and I think that stems down from the great senior leadership,” Karis Altringer said.

Alyssa said,”I feel like this season was our most hard working band and we did amazing. We made it far this year and I’m so proud of the band.”


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