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The Yellow Jacket

2016-2017 Staff

Jakob Freeman

Desk Writer

"I'm just here for a good time, not a long time."

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Rodney McKie


They hate me cause they ain't me.

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Chandler Noe


Sometimes late at night I like to slowly dip myself into my bathtub and pretend I'm a meatball.

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Cameron Carroll

Desk Writer

I'm not the Soceress, but the source.

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Parker Blackburn

Desk Writer

"I'm running out of sentences to summarize my existence, try wikipedia."

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Allison Cohen


"If I had to have a strippers name, it would be equality." -Leslie Knope

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Chloe Caudill

Desk Writer, Photographer

Too many people are at this school, we need a new plague. Fluent in sarcasm

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Juan Wiley

Desk Writer

Yeah I'm black & and my name is Juan.

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Parker Mitton


From Michael Cera, to sexy Ryan Gosling.

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Abigail Elvira

Desk Writer

I should be in TYJ...

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Destiny Jackson

Desk Writer

"Yes I am icon, that's me on your T-Shirt."

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Amber McGruder

Desk Writer

"Bring your own guts."~Dabo Sweeny

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Sabrina Lynch

Desk Writer

"I'd like every man who doesn't call himself a feminist to explain to the women in his like why he doesn't believe in equality for women." ~Louise Brealey

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Thomas Catoe

Desk Writer

As George Washington once said "Hello."

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Andrew Porter

Desk Writer

"I'm original as long as you put me opposite on the spot." ~ A quote by me

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"You can ask me anything."

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Hampton Williams

Desk Writer

Hampton is in his third year of retirement after his career as a desk writer and film producer came to a conclusion. As he reflects, he thinks aloud, "life as an environmental preservation activist is difficult at times, but...

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