Pot or Not?


Amy Kalayjian, Desk Writer
December 18, 2014

The legalization of marijuana has been a hot button issue ever since the 70’s with decriminalization efforts. Many people feel that the recreational use of marijuana would be too much, and that many people would abuse the drug. Though that is a valid concern, the benefits far outweigh the consequences... Read more »

The Giving (Christmas) Tree


Juliann Lloyd, Writer
December 8, 2014

Tis’ the season to be…… jolly? Or is it something else? How many adjectives could you place there that describes the life filled season of Christmas? For many, Christmas is a time of happiness, thankfulness, and celebration. Everyone’s spirit is filled with joy and they give and receive many... Read more »

Being Truly Body Positive


Amy Kalayjian, Desk Writer
December 5, 2014

When most people think of body positivity, they think of promoting an idea of self-love, which is important and is on the right track. But most people aren’t accepting of all the many types of bodies people have. Media promotes an unachievable standard, attained by Photoshop and unhealthy habits... Read more »

Hypemachine: A Better Way to Discover


Micah Farrar, Desk Writer
November 13, 2014

I think it’s a pretty universal fact that everyone likes music. At least the ones that live and breath and, you know, have souls and the like. We have radios, computers, phones, and mp3’s dedicated to the purpose of playing the music that we like. Even those who don’t have access to... Read more »

Alex From Target: Overnight Sensation


Jared Stogner, Desk Writer
November 10, 2014

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, chances are you’ve seen #AlexfromTarget. Just a regular teenage employee that rose to fame after another teen snapped his photo and posted it online. Hundreds of thousands of girls fawned over the part-time scanner as the photo of him spread like wildfire.... Read more »

My SCarowinds Experience

The entrance; characters usually hide behind this.

Jared Stogner, Desk Writer
October 22, 2014

In the spirit of Halloween, I have decided to share, with the Internet, the worst experience of my life. Isn’t that the best way to share things? For my 16th birthday, my sister decided to surprise me with a few tickets to Scarowinds. The rest is history… I got out of school early, and... Read more »

Seek the Truth, Not a Formulated Lie

North Augusta

Jordan Houston, Writer of the People
October 6, 2014

Senior Year: it’s the last year of high school that both students and parents alike are excited to experience.  Students are excited for the senior privileges and perk of “ruling the school”, so to speak, while parents are looking forward to the excitement of knowing that their child is about... Read more »

Why You Should Regret Missing Arts in the Heart

Arts In The Hearts

Amy Kalayjian, Desk Writer
September 25, 2014

The top three excuses I’ve heard for not going to Arts in the Heart is that 1) they don’t feel like paying the 10 dollars for a badge (or 5 dollars if you buy a badge early) 2) it’s not that big of a deal and 3) they just forgot about it. For those who don’t know (because presumably you live... Read more »

Lapping Everyone’s Intelligence


Uncle Ricky, Breaker of Logic
September 4, 2014

So recently I’ve been perplexed by the infamous “lap.” When you sit down, you can put your hands in your lap. Where does it go when you stand? Does it just magically manifest itself whenever your knees bend? These thoughts are causing me to rethink my position on fanny packs. They are... Read more »

Rooms of the House

Rooms of the House 2

Eric White, Desk Writer
May 29, 2014

La Dispute released a new album on March 18, Rooms of the House, that was highly anticipated by many in the indie rock world.  The band is from Michigan, and has gained a continuously growing fan base over the years with their unusual genre of “spoken word.”  If you like hooks and melodies, guitar... Read more »

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