Banning Books Burns My Soul

Jenna West, Concerned reader
March 2, 2015

Books give you a chance to escape from reality and live in someone else’s world. Each page that you read is exhilarating, causing you to visualize that you’re in an alternate world.  Reading gives you that type of thrill that you can’t get anywhere else.  It gives you new knowledge on... Read more »

AC/DC Keeps Rocking

On stage with Angus Young and Bon Scott

February 22, 2015

AC/DC: True Rock’N’Roll. They encompass everything right about the genre. With power chords, lyrics meant to be shouted, and a look that says, “We’re about to melt your face off with music,” they are easily some of the most legendary rockers of all time- leaving behind trademark... Read more »

Woman President?

hilary clinton

Gloria N'kutula, Desk Writer
February 2, 2015

In the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama made out-breaking history by being the first African-American president of the United States of America. After almost 8 years in office, Americans have become immune to the skin color of their leader, but others are still remaining close-minded. With... Read more »

Why Ferguson Still Matters


Amy Kalayjian, Desk Writer
January 26, 2015

The death of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice have reopened many questions about what it is like to be black in America. Whether racism still exists, or if our justice system is fair, or if police are trained to see being black as a crime, and the most important question is whether or not we... Read more »

Has Profanity Lost Its Shock Value?

a christmas story

Katie Lowry, Desk Writer
January 15, 2015

Have curse words lost their impact because they are used so often? As you walk around high school between class changes, you hear strings of profanity. The majority of students and even teachers use curse words on a daily basis and think nothing of it. When I asked students if they cursed or what... Read more »

War on Rih


Daijah Kellogg, Desk Writer
January 7, 2015

Men have specific channels on television that they’d rather watch over Oxygen, Lifetime, WeTV, and other channels that are considered feminine channels. The majority of men have a different preference in entertainment than most women. Specific media attracts the female’s attention and opposite... Read more »

Are We All We Are?


Jordan Houston, Jenna West, Writers for Real People
January 5, 2015

We’ve finally made it to high school, the innocence of elementary school is gone, the awkwardness of middle school is gone, and now we can begin the next stage of discovering ourselves. However, this journey is hindered by one driving force that continually gets into people’s way throughout their... Read more »



Jordan Houston, Writer of the Truth
January 5, 2015

THC, that’s the magical chemical in marijuana that gives the narcotic its “high” effect. Many may know this, many may not; but regardless of the science behind the drug, many know what it feels like. This is, in my opinion, a problem however my opinion doesn’t matter, what matters is what the... Read more »

Pot or Not?


Amy Kalayjian, Desk Writer
December 18, 2014

The legalization of marijuana has been a hot button issue ever since the 70’s with decriminalization efforts. Many people feel that the recreational use of marijuana would be too much, and that many people would abuse the drug. Though that is a valid concern, the benefits far outweigh the consequences... Read more »

The Giving (Christmas) Tree


Juliann Lloyd, Writer
December 8, 2014

Tis’ the season to be…… jolly? Or is it something else? How many adjectives could you place there that describes the life filled season of Christmas? For many, Christmas is a time of happiness, thankfulness, and celebration. Everyone’s spirit is filled with joy and they give and receive many... Read more »

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