Is Plastic Surgery Worth It?


Jared Stogner, Desk Writer
May 21, 2015

The world is full of people who are not content with the features they were born with. Left and right, particularly in large cities, patients are coming in daily for breast augmentations, rhinoplasties, chin implants, etc. Why do so many people dish out tens of thousands of dollars to alter their appearance,... Read more »

Saying Goodbye to Derek Shepard


May 19, 2015

For Greys Anatomy fans around the world, we know the tragedy of losing our loved ones from the show that we grew to love and may not have even liked but tolerated anyway. Any character that starts the show becomes apart of the family and seeing them go whether they leave or die, is like losing a loved... Read more »



Kristen Hurst, Desk Writer
May 19, 2015

One of the biggest controversies in today’s society… is stereotypes. Human beings are very judgemental and quick to label others; it’s simply in our nature. If you don’t have a good feeling about a person, generally you won’t put yourself in a situation around them- but... Read more »

25 Years in the Making

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Gloria N'kutula, Desk Writer
May 11, 2015

On April 18th, 2015, Cleveland’s Public Hall hosted the 30th annual ceremony of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The popular punk-rock band, Green Day, proudly sang on stage with Ringo Star, The 5 Royals, Lou Reed, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Bill Withers, and Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double... Read more »

Dress Codes are Sexist


Jenna West, Writer
April 30, 2015

Every school has rules and regulations, although some schools are more lenient with the way that the students dress. The majority of a school’s dress codes are directed towards girls.  A female student should not be sent home for wearing yoga pants when a boy in the next class over is wearing... Read more »

Why We Should Sell the Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty 2

Caroline Hammond, Desk Writer
March 24, 2015

The United States has approximately 18.1 trillion dollars of debt. If the government cannot solve this crisis the debt will only continue to accumulate. What can we, as citizens of this great nation, do to eliminate the national debt? Imagine if we could convince the Cathy family to open Chick-fil-A... Read more »

Beyond Yourself


Jordan Houston, Writer of the People
March 18, 2015

I remember being rung up at Publix one day and having Jacqueline Phillips run myself and my mother up and she looks at my mother square in the face and says “how does it feel to be Jordan Houston’s mother?” and all I could think to myself was “Lord Jacqueline why…?” But then a thought came... Read more »

Racism in a Fraternity?? (Read Sarcastically)

The fraternity name.

Jared Stogner, Desk Writer
March 11, 2015

SAE, a fraternity at The University of Oklahoma, became immersed in boiling water this week due to a video being leaked of a member reciting an ignorant, racist chant. The moral whistleblower that came forth stated that he had heard a chant that was “similar to the video that has been on social... Read more »

Banning Books Burns My Soul

Jenna West, Concerned reader
March 2, 2015

Books give you a chance to escape from reality and live in someone else’s world. Each page that you read is exhilarating, causing you to visualize that you’re in an alternate world.  Reading gives you that type of thrill that you can’t get anywhere else.  It gives you new knowledge on... Read more »

AC/DC Keeps Rocking

On stage with Angus Young and Bon Scott

February 22, 2015

AC/DC: True Rock’N’Roll. They encompass everything right about the genre. With power chords, lyrics meant to be shouted, and a look that says, “We’re about to melt your face off with music,” they are easily some of the most legendary rockers of all time- leaving behind trademark... Read more »

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