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Kierson Baxley, Desk Writer
February 22, 2015

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Caroline Hammond, Desk Writer
February 19, 2015

Microsoft Hololens is a pair of glasses that projects holograms on the lens that the wearer can interact with. Lixpen is the world’s smallest 3D printing pen. Narrative 2 is the world’s most wearable camera. It attaches to a person’s clothes so he/she can take quick pictures... Read more »

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Katie Lowry, Finder-o-links
February 17, 2015

In honor of Taylor Swift’s new video, here’s a throwback to when T-Swizzle rapped. Another winter apocalypse?  

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Erin and Blake, Saviors of the Link World
January 12, 2015

Check out these cool websites:

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Abby Craig, Senior Whale Tamer
January 8, 2015

Check out this website if you’re looking for some scholarship opportunities. Take a look at some of the new movies scheduled to come out in 2015.

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December 2, 2014

Here are some cool links to videos!!! YEAH!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” Aerobics Parody Star War VII Trailer Saturday Night Live “Black Jeopardy” Skit

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Links for the Cool

Amy Kalayjian, Desk Writer
November 20, 2014

Check out this huge list of scholarships here. The scholarships can be used at any college, anywhere.

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Katie Lowry, Finder of Links
November 20, 2014

Check out the video POP Hold It Down. We thought the Ice Storm of 2014 was bad. Check out the major snow storm in NY. 6 Days of Darkness Scam.

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Links for the Cool

Caroline Hammond, Desk Writer
November 10, 2014

Are you a One Direction fan? Check out these links. One Direction’s music video for Steal My Girl guest starring Danny Devito. Buy songs from the album FOUR on the iTunes store. Read about Caylin Gregory’s experience after the One Direction concert.

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Links for the Cool

Jared Stogner, Desk Writer
November 5, 2014

But does it float? Click here to find out… Are there any registered sex offenders in your area? Click here to find out! Does your hotel have free wifi?

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