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Katie Lowry, Links Finder
October 7, 2014

Dumb Jokes Song Honest Trailers – Frozen

Is Graffiti Art?

Amy Kalayjian, Desk Writer
September 19, 2014

The legality of it is debatable. But the sheer talent it takes to make some of those pieces of art (yes, I said art) is completely undebatable. It takes work and commitment to be a graffiti artist, and no one seems to appreciate your work. We need to stop looking at these pieces as something to be frowned... Read more »

Who Knew?

Daijah Kellogg, Desk Writer
September 17, 2014

Who would have known? No one . Absolutely, No one. One day you could be on top like the torch Liberty holds. Untouchable. And the next day, so far down; invisible. Gone. Who would have known? No one. Absolutely, No one. Something so small. A simple mistake. Could cause even... Read more »

Unlocking the Doors to Creativity


Caroline Hammond, Collector of Odd Facts
September 17, 2014

Unfortunately many students at North Augusta High School have not had the pleasure of entering Mr. Rood’s classroom. The art room has over ten storage rooms. In an ordinary classroom the doors leading to those rooms would be nothing more than doors. However, in Mr. Rood’s room they are another... Read more »

The Not So Easy Sport

Katie Lowry, Desk Writer
September 16, 2014

Have you heard about the North Augusta High School Lady Jackets tennis team? I didn’t think so- students hear all about football, but never other sports such as tennis. While some think that tennis is an easy sport, it is far from relaxing. Players have to be quick as they run all over the... Read more »


Jenna West, Desk Writer
September 15, 2014

Some say swimming isn’t a sport, some say that swimming is just a hobby. It’s a sport that uses most of your physical strength and all of your mental strength. The swimmers are in the water two or three hours a day, pushing themselves to be the best that they can be. Mr.¬†Bell signed his... Read more »

Remembering 9/11


Kristen Hurst, Desk Writer
September 15, 2014

Many remember exactly what they were doing on September 11, 2001 when they first heard the headline of a message they would never forget. “I had just walked into SRP and noticed everyone was fixated on the television in silence,” said a North Augusta resident. Four American planes were hijacked... Read more »

Why Do We Argue?

Sometimes, people develop the nerve to confront you in person.

Jared Stogner, New York Connoisseur
September 15, 2014

Have you checked your social media in the past five, ten, or fifteen minutes? Chances are, many of your peers are blindly tweeting to prove their own (probably wrong) viewpoint. They will ruthlessly throw other friends under the bus, or make tongue-in-cheek comments about other students that are wildly... Read more »

Lapping Everyone’s Intelligence


Uncle Ricky, Breaker of Logic
September 4, 2014

So recently I’ve been perplexed by the infamous “lap.” When you sit down, you can put your hands in your lap. Where does it go when you stand? Does it just magically manifest itself whenever your knees bend? These thoughts are causing me to rethink my position on fanny packs. They are... Read more »

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Blake Sloan, Bringer of Links
September 3, 2014

Sisters – Episode 1 What if Michael Bay directed Up? Achilles’s Wheel: Wanna Buy A Vowel?¬†  

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