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The Real Bachelor

Katherine Koss

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Every Monday night at 8pm people from around the United States and the world turned into ABC to watch the drama on The Bachelor. After a long dramatic journey Ben Flajnik finally chose his fiance, Courtney, but this girl was not popular among the fans.

Ben Flajnik is 28 and works as a Winemaker from Somona, California. He was a candidate on last season’s The Bachelorette and got his heartbroken in the final two by Ashley Herbert. He returned to this season’s show on fire and truly confident that he would find love by one of the girls.

Throughout this season Courtney Robertson has given each woman competing for Ben a run for their money. Week after week people have watched Courtney rip into the other girls and cause them emotional pain but yet Ben still chose her over Lindzi Cox.

Elle Anderson, a sophomore, watches the Bachelor and thinks that “I think Courtney is actually a great girl. The point of this show is to cause drama and make girls look bad anyways.”

Courtney is 28 and a model in California. Her original hometown is in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ben had concerns about whether or not Courtney got along with the other girls but it must not have crossed his mind too seriously. Things got very serious with Ben in Courtney in Puerto Rico…you can go watch that online for yourselves.

Favorites on the Bachelor this season was small town girl Kacie Boguskie from Clarksville, Tennessee. She stole Ben’s heart and he stole her’s but she made it to the top four and had a dramatic exit.  Kelsey Dyer, a senior thought that “Kacie B was a much better fit for Ben, she deserved him way more than Courtney.”

Another fan favorite was Nikki Kaapke from Hurst, Texas. Her bubbly personality and great looks got to the top three of the show. She is a dental hygenist and was completely ready to settle down and spend her life with Ben. Although she was cut loose, she was a classy lady and did not let the audience know how hurt she really was.

Although ratings dropped this season because Ben wasn’t very popular, they skyrocketed when the drama with Courtney started to heat up and she kept advancing.  Every season there is a target and this season Courtney got to be that girl. Hopefully they can overcome America’s hate and have a good relationship and move on to marriage.

Photo credit goes to thebachelor2012.com and google images.


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The Real Bachelor